Please let me know if  you would like to commission a bespoke, unique piece of jewellery…...

Commissioning starts with a phone discussion.

This can then be an informal  meeting at my workshop, or In circumstances where you are too far away, I can alternatively email some initial drawings.

The next stage would be working the ideas, some more sketches and possibly models.

Further drawings at this point would include a small design fee depending on the time taken to progress the design.

 I will then have enough information to give you a quote.  

 Once you are happy with the design, and the quote and would like it to go ahead, a 50% deposit is paid. 

 Full payment is finalised on the  collection of the piece.


 Commissions can take 4-6 weeks - Wedding rings are best ordered early ! 



 A refund of 30% of the deposit can be made within the first week of the deposit payment.

A refund could not be made after this time, due to the work input already spent on the piece.


                              Please cancel as early as possible if you have changes.


     I look forward to hearing from you and creating an individual piece of work…..